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Over the weekend legendary actress Patrica Neal passed away after a long bout with cancer. Patricia Neal has portrayed many strong women on the small and big screen over the years – she was the original Mama Walton after all – but I am not sure how many fans realize the courageous woman she was off screen.She suffered from a series of strokes at the high point of her career and made a determined comeback. But even before that, she sufferend the lost of a child, Olivia, and almost lost another child , Theo, in an accident that left him permanently disabled.While these events caused her husband at the time, author Roald Dahl, to lose his faith in God, Neal mentioned in her memoir “An Unquiet Life” that she found some hope and serenity in her Catholic faith.In fact, in a recent interview she said, “I am happy. I have faith, and I am ready to face what comes.”To celebrate her brave and inspiring legacy, watch one of my favorite Patricia Neal moments in this clip from “The Homecoming.”

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