This summer’s movies haven’t been doing it for me so far, so I was glad to read’s recent news summaries about several sequels which are in the works. What all these projects have in common is this: they’re not only sequels, but they’re Savior Sequels. They’re all about heroes who face insurmountable odds to save the day for someone or lots of someones. Further inspiration comes from their human flaws which endear an audience to them in the form or a relationship–not just an entertainment–which brings us back for more.

First, Universal Pictures has announced that they will be continuing the franchise launched by “The Bourne Identity.” There is still some question about whether Matt Damon will return to the lead role, but I doubt the studio would attempt to do the film without him. Why?
Well, possiby because there is no one else who could play Indiana Jones other than Harrison Ford, even if he is a dang bunch older than he was at the series’ heights. Speaking of Jones, a fifth film in the series is in the works to be set in the Bermuda Triangle.
And, there’s a former Bond girl about to sign on to play in the next X-men sequel.
A former Batman franchise couldn’t sustain itself because the Batman character kept changing (Michael Keaton to Val Kilmer to George Clooney). I hope these current projects don’t make the same mistake.
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