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I am a huge college football fan, but I can’t say I pay that much attention to the NFL draft when it rolls around. But talk about one college football player’s faith and his NFL prospects caught my attention yesterday – and I am not talking about Tim Tebow. No, I am talking about former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford who is the first round draft pick of the St. Louis Rams. I am also referring to former University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, who is also expected to be drafted by the NFL this weekend.Sure,Tebow has had the flash and sizzle with Bible verses painted on his face and even appearing in a controversial ad during the Super Bowl. But Bradford and McCoy are to be just as respected for their quieter kind of leadership on and off the field. Both men have been heavily involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and both men have suffered serious, potentially career-damaging injuries and losses while still giving thanks to God for their opportunities and abilities.And while McCoy and Bradford have been rivals on the field in the past, they have been friends off the field and even joined together to make a video for the Christian ministry I am Second last year. (Bradford also has a separate video that has just been released this week for the same ministry.)In the midst of so many players and teams haggling over salaries and endorsements in the coming days of the draft, it is truly a refreshing message these men share. Take a listen and remember nice guys finish second.

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