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Dixie Carter may have been known for playing feisty, tart-tongued broads on television, but I always respected the style and class with which she seemed to live her life off camera. Long before it became trendy for celebs to talk spirituality or engage in culture war debates, Carter discussed her faith often and she did it simply, directly, and with real conviction. Carter, who died last weekend, was raised in Tennessee by a devout Christian family and stated in an interview that she “never saw any reason to change the beliefs I was brought up with” when she got to Hollywood and often told the story of how she convinced her boyfriend and eventual husband, Hal Holbrook, to begin going to church with her and her daughters.Carter was also honored during her lifetime for her extensive charitable work with the Salvation Army and was often outspoken on behalf of conservative Christian political ideals asking in an interview,”How come we’ve got to the point where Christians must apologize for being who they are?” Here is a fantastic clip from “Designing Women” which demonstrates exactly how DIxie Carter blended her work and her faith together.Dixie, you were truly a one-of-a-kind, divinely inspired creation.

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