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I agree with fellow blogger Donna that “Glee” has been on hiatus way too long. Tonight, fans finally have something to be “Glee”-ful about. The singing and dancing – and of course Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester’s witty but evil tirades- return tonight. Because I was privileged enough to be given the inside scoop on the season premiere – let’s not worry about exactly how – I have a few interesting tidbits to share with other Gleeks who can’t wait one more second for a “Glee” fix.
I won’t divulge everything, I promise, but read on only if you want to know more about why tonight’s episode has only songs that feature the word “hello” or what Idina Menzel is really going to do as a guest star, or even what secret Emma has been keeping. But if you are worried that reading a few too many spoilers might spoil your enjoyment of “Glee”, then it’s probably best just to take my word for it that tonight’s episode does not disappointment in the least. It gets rid of one plot line that has always bugged me, introduces a bunch of interesting new characters and still maintains its irreverent yet soulful energy.
So now, for you Gleeks who want to know more….here we go….spoilers ahead!

It has been rumored for a long time that when Tony winner Idina Menzel signed on to the series as a guest star, she would probably come on board as Rachel’s mom since there is a strong physical resemblance between the two actresses. Oh, that would be way too obvious, fellow fans. No, the other theory was that she would become a rival coach. and that theory is actually a fact. Menzel has been brought on as a rival coach for another club, Vocal Adrenaline, and she has her sights set on Will, who has sent his wife packing. And what she wants, well, she gets. At least for now.
How does dear, sweet Emma feel about this? Well, that’s the other juicy tidbit I don’t mind sharing. As hinted at in one of the “Glee” trailers, Shu and Emma have a hot and heavy make out scene but the moment is thwarted because, well, Emma has been, umm, chaste all these years that she has been pining for Will. In fact, she was chaste even before she met Will.Yep, news of Emma’s virginity is not something Will is ready to handle so what’s a guy to do but fall into the arms of a new lusty vocal coach (Menzel).
And as far as the reason for tonight’s songs featuring the word “hello”, it’s actually pretty self-explanatory. There are many new beginnings, and many break -ups , so most of the characters of “Glee” are starting over in some way, shape, or fashion.
I could tell you more about that, but I think I should leave my fellow Gleeks with a little something left to look forward to. But so far, it all sounds good, right?

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