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macaroons_cover_4web.jpgWhat’s inside a mezuzah? What should you do if you drop your matzoh ball on the ground? Who’s the man we love to boo? Luckily, new kids band the Macaroons are more than happy to provide the musical answers, invoking pop/rock sounds of “everything from the Kinks to Queen to the Shins.” (Catch the Macaroons at special live shows 2/28 at The Echo, Los Angeles, and on 3/14 at The Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC.)
JDub Records, a producer of innovative Jewish music for grown-ups, announced the official release date of “Let’s Go Coconuts!,” the debut album by inaugural JDub Kids band the Macaroons: April 6th, 2010. This band is being billed as the “second incarnation of The Leevees,” and features musicians Dave Schneider (the Zambonis), Shawn Fogel (Golden Bloom, The Zambonis), Dan Saks (DeLeon, a Sephardic indie rock band also on JDub Records) and Michael Azerrad.
The record is a collection of 17 power-pop tracks aimed at parents as well as kids:

[…]perfect for parents looking for an alternative to the boring lullabies of their youth. The Macaroons’ new sound signals a return to the sincerely silly, exemplified by Jerry Garcia’s folksy Not For Kids Only or the freshness of Jonathan Richman. Still, the Macaroons handle Jewish cultural traditions with a particularly kind and nostalgic humor that is as evocative for kids as it is for parents. Take “Elijah,” a sweet and wistful ode to the invisible prophet who makes his nighttime rounds during Passover, in which the kid-narrator vows to “leave the bathroom light on just for him.”

As the promotional material notes, the album will be available in stores everywhere April 6th, and “the band is available for interviews, cookie-baking or all-around fun-time hijinks.”

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