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If you’ve ever read my posts on The Twilight Saga and its author Stephenie Meyer, you know that I adore Edward, Bella, and even Jacob, and think that both the books and the movie are great fun. I’m definitely not one of the Twilight haters out there, who shoe up when anything gets as popular as Meyer’s series about vampire love has in the last couple of years.
So, this makes me feel totally justified in enjoying Twilight spoofs such as one of my all-time favorites, the Buffy vs. Edward video, and now, a very funny article recently posted in The Onion: “Woman Married To Fat, Emotionally Distant Vampire Escapes Into ‘Twilight’ Novels.”
Whether you love or hate Twilight, as long as you know anything at all about the series, really the basics (Bella, Edward, Jacob, and a dash about how Edward woos Bella), this articles is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Some of my favorite lines include, “[Sara Pastor] said it’s been ages since her husband, 834-year-old Andrei Pastor, bought her flowers, took her dancing, or appeared at her second-story window and charmed her into allowing him inside,” and “Edward is so romantic,” said Pastor, referring to Edward Cullen, Twilight’s vampire hero. “He loves [17-year-old protagonist] Bella so much that he runs away from her to protect her. My husband, on the other hand, hasn’t posed any kind of danger to me in years.”

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