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With Beliefnet’s annual Most Inspiring Person of the Year feature in full swing, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about the celebrities (and in some cases, I use that term very loosely) who’ve disgusted me over the year.
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chrisbrownpic.jpgChris Brown
What more can be said about this disgraceful woman-beater? There are no excuses for what he did, and although he has publically asked ex-girlfriend Rihanna to forgive him for smashing her face in, I still wish Tiger Woods’ golf-club-wielding wife Elin was around when Brown decided to be a tough guy.
Carrie Prejean
I’m not including the ex Miss California on this list because of her position on gay marriage (she’s entitled to her opinion), but if you’re going to play like you’re a good Christian role model, don’t act like a diva, and don’t make a sex tape. Mmm kay?
Kanye West
When the President of the United States calls you a “jackass” in public that speaks volumes about your character. This narcissistic (and in my opinion, talentless) singer couldn’t let rising star Taylor Swift have her moment in the spotlight after winning the “Best Female Video” at the Video Music Awards. As she began her acceptance speech he interrupted her, took the mic, and proclaimed his thoughts on who should have won the award instead. Afterwards he said he planned to go to India on a Hindu retreat to clear his head and gain some perspective on his life. No word on if he actually did this, though my “sources” say he’s still a jerk.
Christian Louboutin
Seriously, Mr. Big Time Designer, do you really think that Barbie has fat ankles? Because if you do, you just gave a an even bigger complex to young (and old) Barbie fans who have been shown for years–through their dolls– that their bodies are not the right proportion. Also, if she really did have cankles, then how come when I was a kid I was able to chew through them as if they were pencil erasers?

Octomom Nadya Suleman
The Angelina Jolie-obsessed mom of 14 has made a hobby out of having children. Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets in January, couldn’t afford the children she already had but somehow was able to afford In Vitro fertilization. Up until recently, she provided for her children through public assistance (she claims to be off it now) and “donations” to her website.
Spedi (Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag)
Your behavior–the way you talk to people, the way you act, your sense of entitlement for doing and being absolutely nothing–is why you were considered for this list. Your book, “How to Be Famous” guaranteed your placement.
Jeremy Piven
I’m a strong believer that when you commit to something, you follow through with it. But Pivan–who often portrays jerks on the big and small screen— seemed to channel his fictional characters last fall as he starred in Broadways “Speed-the-Plow.” After a short run, he suddenly dropped out of the production claiming that he had mercury poisoning from eating too much fish, in what would become known as “Fishgate.” Of course, his “illness” would have been an acceptable excuse to quit had Pivan not been partying it up around town the whole time and his head-butting with the show’s cast and crew during the production was not so well known (making it pretty obvious he was looking for a reason to leave). This year Pivan was taken to court by the show’s producers and this summer, in what was a travesty of justice, was found not guilty of violating his contract.
Joe Jackson
If shady had a face, it would be the spitting image of Michael Jackson’s father. Aside from the allegations from a number of his children (including the late singer) that he physically and mentally abused them, he most recently is in a public battle with his family over Michael’s estate. Fighting over money should be the last thing on the mind of a parent who’s just lost a child, but apparently not for Joe.
Jon Gosselin
When you have 8 kids and a popular reality show, chances are people are going to recognize you when you go to a bar–especially when you’re with a woman who isn’t your wife. It’s appalling when anyone cheats on their spouse or significant other (I’m also talking to you too, Tiger and Dave) but it’s also just plain stupid when your famous and think you can actually get away with it. (See exclusive Jon Gosselin video interview here on Beliefnet)
Roman Polanski
Evading the law (for over 30 years no less) is indeed uninspiring. The alleged crimes he’s been indicted on–various sex charges–are even more despicable. Although the Oscar-winning director was finally captured by authorities in September, he was just released on bail and is now under house arrest in Switzerland. Let’s hope he does the right thing and doesn’t flee again.
Who do you think is the most uninspiring celebrity of the year?

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