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Yesterday was not only the first Sunday in the advent season but it was also the feast day of Saint Nicholas, one of the inspirations for our modern day Santa. So in honor of his memory, I would like to stroll down movie nostalgia lane and reminisce about a few of my favorite big screen Santas.
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Paul Giamatti, Fred Claus
Okay, it was a really, really, lame movie, but I still liked the sweet gentleness Giamatti- one of our best character actors – brought to this role.
Tim Allen,The Santa Clause
Again, not exactly my favorite Christmas movie, but Allen did bring a certain grumpy, slapstick charm to his role as a single dad recruited to take over Santa’s job.
Ed Asner, Elf
I love Ed Asner in almost everything he has ever been in, and he is a great counterpoint to Will Ferrell in this supercharming film.

Edmund Gwynn, Miracle on 34th Street
To many he is the original, quintessential celluloid Santa in one of the all-time classic Christmas movies, just behind “It’s a Wonderful LIfe.”
Fred Astaire, The Man in the Santa Claus Suit
This is an overlooked film but a great one, and Fred Astaire plays numerous roles in this movie, not just one. He is perhaps not a traditional Santa, but a charming, mysterious, clever one nonetheless.

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