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For the last year, a project called G-dcast has been bringing the weekly Torah portion into people’s homes and classrooms through short, animated videos. Each video is animated based on an original reading of the text, written and recorded by a different narrator (many of them not directly connected to the rabbinic or educational fields). Want an example? May I recommend the one from two weeks ago, where the writer of this Idol Chatter post shares the story of Jacob’s baby mama drama?Now G-dcast “spins” Chanukah. (Get it? Spins? Like a dreidel?)What’s this all about? Series creator Sarah Lefton, in an email promoting the new video, shared a few thoughts:

As with all of our work, it’s about raising Jewish literacy and sparking great conversations. But mostly, we wanted to help people and families answer what SHOULD be a really basic question – what is Chanukah about anyway?This is a fairly light retelling of the story from a young boy’s point of view. It’s appropriate for kids who are old enough to think a little about about war and injustice.

View the Chanukah video below, and check out the whole series at

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