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eclipse_poster.jpgIt’s true, people are still flocking to see ‘New Moon’ in movie theaters for the first time, (and second time and third time), but Twilight fans don’t have too long to wait before ‘Eclipse,’ the third book in the series, releases as a film.

So it’s official: on June 30, 2010 ‘Eclipse’ hits theaters everywhere.

Aside from the first book and movie for ‘Twilight,’ I think ‘Eclipse’ is my favorite, given the pretty much 50-50 divide between vampire and werewolf time devoted to this third installment in the story, plus, of all the books, I think ‘Eclipse’ has the most action.

After seeing ‘New Moon’ and how good the onscreen Jacob turned out, now I can’t wait to see the forthcoming Robert-as-Edward vs. Taylor-as-Jacob matchup, when they both fight for Bella, and fight on her behalf, too, when Victoria comes to finally get her revenge.

Now that I think about it, I think ‘Eclipse’ could be the highlight in the movie adaptations of the four books. I don’t want to think much about ‘Breaking Dawn’ and all the weirdness we’ll have to sit through for that one, so I’ll just be happily looking forward to June 30, 2010, then.

What do you think? How would you rank the books/movies in the series? For me, ‘Twilight’ is definitely #1 on my list, with ‘Eclipse’ coming in as #2.

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