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The countdown to the release of ‘New Moon,’ the second movie in the Twilight Saga, is long underway. In less than forty-eight hours all will be revealed! OK. Maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic. Regardless, I’m excited to see what’s in store for Twilight fans on the big screen when ‘New Moon’ hits theaters. Here are my top five hopes–I say hopes instead of predictions because, really, I know I’m just wishful thinking:1) That Edward is portrayed as less like a stalker this time around and more like the romantic hero he is in the books. He actually smiles quite a bit and even laughs in the series–but there was only one scene when he smiled and did anything playful in the movie version of Twilight. I didn’t like that portrayal of Edward at all!2) That Edward’s face won’t look pained for the entirety of his time spent on the screen. Okay. See hope #1 above.3) That, despite the trailers and the movie poster, this movie will not be as Jacob-heavy as we’ve been led to believe. Of course, I am well aware that ‘New Moon’ the book is almost all Jacob, all the time, but still: I can hope, right?4) That, given the fact that ‘New Moon’ is heavy on the werewolves, that Jacob’s werewolf pack turns out to be a good match for the Cullen family in terms of interesting. And then there’s that fear I have that, like they did with Edward’s character, the movie folks will have taken all of Jacob’s humor away from his character.5) That there will be fewer cringe-inducing scenes in ‘New Moon’ than in Twilight. Case in point–that first kissing scene where Edward flies back against the wall, that’s so slow you almost can’t watch. Awkward! (Though, awkward in a fun way, I admit.)And now, watch the trailer to tide you over till Friday!

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