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As thousands of teens – not to mention those who passed their teen years some time ago- work themselves into a lather over this week’s movie debut of the “Twilight sequel, “New Moon” there is one teen who doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit interested in all the vampire fuss.. In fact, tween queen Miley Cyrus says she – gasp – has never seen “Twilight” and doesn’t plan on seeing it -ever.
In an interview where she was busy hawking her Walmart clothing line, Cyrus was asked if she was a member of Team Jacob or Team Edward, and that’s when Miley decided to make her big confession. In the interview she was quoted as saying “I don’t believe in it. I don’t like vampires. I don’t want anything to do with it.”

Cyrus didn’t exactly go much deeper into her explanation for her dislike of the hugely successful vampire love story by saying , for example, if her dislike of the series came from a moral perspective or just a case of personal taste. However, I think I am spying a new Miley trend nonetheless. Several weeks ago Cyrus dropped a different bombshell : she would no longer use the beloved Twitter to communicate with friends and fans. Now she is speaking out against yet another pop culture phenomenon by eschewing all things Edward , Bella, or Jacob. With such revolutionary declarations against the superficiality of the vaccuous nature of our media driven society I fully expect that the girl who did a pole dance on an ice cream cart at the Teen Choice Awards may start protesting against personal branding with major retail outlets or the unnecesssary popularity of boy bands.

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