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Suri Cruise probably can’t read or write a single letter just yet, but just going to preschool is enough to cause all kinds of speculation around Tom Cruise and Kati Holmes’s little princess. While movie star daddy is shooting a flick in Boston, sometimes-still-an-actress- mom has supposedly decided to enroll Suri in a Catholic pre-school. Now tabloids and newspapers are crying out that such news is not only a decision about where Suri should learn her ABCs , but an indication that Katie is distancing herself from Scientology. In fact the Daily Mail is citing sources that the two have had a huge disagreement about where Suri should go to school and that Holmes herself has not been near the Church of Scientology in months.
While we here at Idol Chatter have certainly had some fun – as well as some intense debate – discussing TomKat’s connections to Scientology, I have to say this time around I don’t exactly think this news is nearly as prophetic as some might want it to be.

First of all, Tom is on movie shoot. Those movie shoots don’t last more than a month or two, so it’s not like this would be a permanent school choice for little Suri. Add to that other rumors on the blogosphere that actually Suri and her mom simply visited the school for a day, but never actually enrolled, and it seems this is probably much ado about nothing.
It also reminds me of some wise words Beliefnet editor Michael Kress once blogged here on Idol Chatter after Jett Travolta’s death. In that post he mused about why “all things Scientology seem to ignite controversy, especially on this World Wide Web of ours.” He had a point. I certainly am for journalism that unravels the darker side of Scientology, but this kind of rampant speculation about minute personal details such as what will happen if Catholicism or Scientology influences how Suri learns her numbers and colors seems to stir up a celebrity religion frenzy I can do without.

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