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ghost.jpgWant to ask Michael Jackson how he really died or get Patrick Swayze’s opinion on whether his “Ghost” role came in handy as he transitioned to the afterlife? (What? Too soon?) Or are you old-school, looking to connect with Elvis or Marilyn beyond the grave? If these situations appeal to you – and you enjoy the concept of a 140-character limit – then you might want to join the Tweance.
What’s a Tweance? Any scholar of contemporary internet-infused lingo might guess the word’s origin: the “Tw” from microblogging site Twitter and the “eance” from the word “seance.” This first Twitter seance will happen on October 30th (because of Halloween…) and is the brainchild of psychic Jayne Wallace: from now until the event, she’ll be taking nominations for the four celebrities she should contact during the Tweance, as well as questions readers would like posed to the dearly departed.
Readers are supposed to tweet their nominations and questions to @tweance with a hashtag of #tweance.
The @tweance Twitter account is run by Angels Fancy Dress, a London costumes shop. Because it doesn’t take a psychic to know that life – or contacting the dead – is easier when you have a corporate sponsor.

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