I wasn’t going to post anything more on Michael Moore’s latest movie “Capitalism: A Love Story”. Regular Idol Chatter readers are already plenty familiar with my opinions on his movies. Besides, despite all the hype, after a good opening weekend in limited release, the movie hasn’t exactly been doing boffo box office as was expected, so I think that is its own message to Moore right there. But then I happened to catch Moore’s interview with Sean Hannity over on Fox the other night, and I have to say it was the most entertaining television I have seen all week, mainly because both Moore and Hannity lead their debate about the philosophical views behind Moore’s movie by talking about their respective Catholic faiths.Of course, Moore has been using Jesus to try to sell this movie to the public from the beginning. In an inteview on another cable news show as well as interview with Fortune magazine, Moore has declared this is the first movie where “I talk about my religion, which I have never talked about. I’m not a proselytizer, but I do have very strong beliefs and these beliefs were formed not in the school of Karl Marx, but in the Catholic Church.” A review in the New Yorker also addresses Moore’s sudden interest in Jesus as a character in his film.Well, Hannity is also Catholic, but with a clearly opposing political stance, so I found it riveting television to watch these two men debate how Jesus would handle the subprime mortage crisis and health insurance. it didn’t take long for Hannity to call Moore a socialist to which Moore quickly corrected Hannity saying he is a Christian. Hannity shot back with the fact that he considers himself a Christian as well and the fireworks began. As Hannity flummoxed Moore with trying to make Moore admit capitalism has gotten him where he is today, Moore retaliated with asking Hannity if he went to mass every Sunday and if he remembered the message from the service (Hannity couldn’t.). Moore then twisted some scriptures out of context to make his case that Jesus would not agree with capitialism in America.The only thing that would have made this civil debate more entertaining would be if I could have coached Hannity on a few points. For example, I might have wanted Hannity to ask Moore about all of the times I have heard the director in panel discussions and informal film festival gatherings unabashedly proclaimed his support of Marxist philosophy with nary a mention of those dear Catholic nuns of his childhood.I might even ask Moore why he doesn’t share the wealth he makes off of the Traverse City FIlm Festival with all of the volunteers who run his festival and if those volunteers have adequate health care. I don’t have the answers to these questions; I’m not making accusations. I’m just saying I ‘m curious.If you’d like to watch the interview, the first part of it is below.

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