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Billy Corgan, he of Smashing Pumpkins fame, has thrown his cap into the ring in with other spirituality minded celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow (GOOP) and Rainn Wilson (SoulPancake), and started a website–Everything From Here to There–to discuss matters of the spirit.
But while Paltrow’s site is dedicated to “nourishing the inner spirit” through Oprah-esque anecdotes and SoulPancake is dedicated to discussions about “Spirituality, Creativity, and Philosophy,” Corgan is specifically interested in Mind-Body-Soul integration.
“Mind-Body-Soul integration is the primary focus of this site,” he writes in the EFHTT welcome letter, “and how it can best manifest in our daily life.”

Corgan’s style is very different from the humorously academic-y feel of SoulPancake or the oft-derided-but not-entirely-deserved just-between-us-girls tone of Paltrow’s work. Corgan’s writing voice is one of a true believer. A believer in what isn’t defined precisely, but the use of Pagan-friendly words such as “Magick” sprinkled throughout and a widget that tracks the waxing and waning of the moon give us some hints that he’s not a practicing Fundamentalist Christian. One friend who took a peek at the site thought it had a distinct ’70’s feel to it.
And while posts asking readers to “imagine what a beautiful world” it would be “if every child who had ever shown any artistic talent was encouraged rather than discouraged by the environment around them” remind one of language that might have been tossed around the commune, it’s also engagingly earnest and full of positivity–something seemingly uncharacteristic for a singer previously known for his incorrigible nature.
“This is not a place of judgment, nor a place of making proof,” writes Corgan. “We begin with the idea that there is a God. We begin with the undying belief that there is a unifying intelligence that manifests itself in Every-thing. Even if you don’t believe in God, exploring fully the idea of a God or Gods should pose no threat to you. The idea of a higher collective intelligence or consistent organizing principle should be worth contemplating no matter what you believe in (or don’t believe in).”
Amen to that.
What do you think of celebrities blogging about spirituality?

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