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Those of you who haven’t followed Kirk Cameron since he was that lovable scamp Mike Seaver on “Growing Pains” might not be aware that the actor has most recently become a spokesperson for evangelical Christian initiatives, including his latest, coming just in time for Darwin Day.

On November 21, Darwin’s “Origin of Species” celebrates its 150th anniversary. In a video on YouTube, Cameron announced that he is circulating his own, newly edited version of Darwin’s seminal work – with a 50 page introduction that frames the intelligent design argument. His intentions are framed as concern for the widespread atheism among Americans which is “radically changing the culture of our nation.” This is possible because the book – like others copyrighted before 1923 – is now considered public domain.

Among the points made by the introduction are Darwin’s racism and “disdain for women,” as well as Hitler’s embrace of Darwinism. Cameron also notes that the introduction includes “balanced information from scientists who believe that God created the universe.” Cameron and crew intend to distribute 50,000 copies at 50 top universities, in the hope that they can present the “opposing, and correct, view” of creationism.

There’s at least one response video dispelling Cameron’s claims point-by-point, and there are certain to be others. Check out the video and let us know what you think.


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