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Edible publicity for the first ‘Twilight’ movie’ involved Godiva milk chocolate bars ($5.99) imprinted with the famous hands holding an apple.

Now candy company Necco is producing boxes of sparkly Sweetheart conversation hearts($2.99) in four flavors (Tempting Apple, Orange Obsession, Passion Fruit, and Secret Strawberry), printed with “Bite Me,” “Soul Mate,” and “Lamb.” Necco is also producing two types of Twilight chocolates. 

The first type of Twilight chocolates ($0.79) are individual creme-filled milk chocolate hearts imprinted with the names of Edward, Bella, and Jacob. The second type of Twilight chocolates ($2.99) are a bag of peanut butter, creme, or caramel-filled milk chocolates molded in shapes representative of Jacob (werewolf), Bella (heart), and Edward (Cullen Crest).

You can also smack your lips together for DuWop’s Twilight-inspired Lip Venom V, a limited-edition lip gloss that looks like a test tube filled with blood platelets but is really filled with a blend of avocado, olive oil, and vitamin E.

All tasty treats to help you get into the mood for “New Moon.”

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