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truebloodpic.jpgDespite the orgy-per-episode trend (and no, that is not a typo), during this second season of HBO’s “True Blood,” for the most part, the vampire-rich series has crept toward interesting again as it heads into the next four, and final, episodes of this summer.
While I stand by my earlier assessment of the show’s one-note, one-dimensional portrait of evangelical Christians (all hateful warriors or blond harlots), last episode’s (Release Me) vampires vs. the Fellowship of the Sun church was pretty entertaining, and the vampires’ surprising and ironic turn-the-other-cheek treatment of its hateful pastor and congregation was an unexpected twist.
But perhaps the most interesting, recent revelation is finally telling viewers who Maryann–leader of town orgies and all things depraved, lustful and sexual–really is. Turns out she’s the personification of satan! The Hindu goddess Kali was initially floated as a possibility, but your basic satan-in-woman’s form was finally settled upon. Looks like the show is setting us up for a Sam (the werewolf) showdown with the satanic Maryann and I have to admit, I’m rather surprised, but I’m eager to tune in to see what happens.
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