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MitchellBeingHuman.jpgHave you seen the BBC’s new tv series, ‘Being Human‘ yet? It’s the latest entry in a growing list of television shows (think HBO’s ‘True Blood’ and CBS’s one-season wonder, ‘Moonlight’) trying to capitalize on the phenomenon of people everywhere (ok, maybe mostly teen girls and women) who can’t get enough of all-things vampire–inspired by world-wide love and devotion to Twilight’s prince of all vampires, Edward Cullen, of course.
Like many new series (both tv and of the novel variety), ‘Being Human’ features mixed company: a vampire and a werewolf not only are hang out buddies, but roomies, and, in an interesting new twist, this show adds a ghost to the picture and happy undead home. So far, ‘Being Human’ has a sense of humor, in addition to a good dose of angst–the usual kind, that results from the characters’ up and down attempts to be as human as possible (so to speak), and resist those urges to kill, kill, kill. While the reformed vampire is nothing new (nor is the reformed werewolf for that matter), I’m curious whether this show will lead to more satisfying territory than ‘True Blood’ has (in my opinion.
And then, the lead vampire, Mitchell–while he’s no Robert Pattinson, he’s still pretty hot. Worth checking out, at the very least. ‘Being Human’ airs on the BBC America channel on Saturdays at 9pm. Check out the New York Times Style article, “‘Being Human,’ Where Fashion is Undead,” by Joshua David Stein, to see how hot Mitchell really is.

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