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Lady GagaWhen it comes to being excited about her trip to Jerusalem, Lady Gaga doesn’t have a good “Poker Face.”

Speaking at a press conference Monday, the songstress born Stefani Germanotta said her visit to Jerusalem will be “an emotional and spiritual experience.” She also has plans to swim in the Dead Sea.

She called Jerusalem “sacred and holy,” and announced the extent of her excitement: “she is more excited to see Jerusalem than to ‘get drunk in a bar,’ though she also said she might ‘get drunk in Jerusalem.'” As someone who’s been to Jerusalem lately, I can tell you that – despite the recent closures of local bars that had been serving minors – that is certainly an attainable goal.
Pop star Lady Gaga arrived in Israel on Sunday night, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, wearing a black jacket – with a Star of David (six-pointed star) made of silver spikes on the back, <a href=" the Jerusalem Post added.
While a spiked-star jacket may not sound like “toning it down,” the Lady apparently used the jacket to cover her skimpy top. Although I can’t imagine that anyone who’s a fan of the music will care if she dresses a little on the minimal side.
Her last concert is Wednesday in Tel Aviv.

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