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Valerie Reiss over at Fresh Living has a great post up on “psychics.” So, as a public service to anyone who’s ever visited a storefront or called a hotline in hopes of hearing about their future, I’ve asked Valerie for permission to reprint part of her post here.
5 Things to Know Before Going to a ‘Psychic’
By Valerie Reiss
Every year millions reach out to those who seem to have the divine on speed-dial. Over the years I’ve been to dozens of people who fall under the umbrella term “psychic.” Usually I contact these folks when I’m in a time of confusion or pain or need, and feel I’ve lost the forest for the trees. The idea is not necessarily to know what’s going to happen next Tuesday or when I’m going to get married, but rather to re-find the path that feels like the one I was born to follow.
Though some religious traditions, including Christianity and Judaism, advise against seeking prophecy of any kind, I see it as another way to glean wisdom and insight into myself or a situation. It’s another tool in my self-healing, spiritually-seeking toolbag that has often helped me move through seemingly immovable situations.
Here are some things you might want to know before going that way yourself.
1) Drop the Word ‘Psychic.’ The word has become so loaded and debased by psychic hotlines and storefront psychics that it has virtually lost its meaning. Most people who authentically have “sight” call them selves “intuitives” or “spiritual coaches.” And this is because , a good intuitive is a guide–rather than just dropping information bombs on you, she will ask plenty of questions and then suggest possibilities you may not have considered, much like a therapist does.
For the other 4 things you need to know read the complete post on Fresh Living.
Have you ever gone to a psychic? How did it go?

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