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neilpatrickharrispic.jpgYes, I am a self-professed theater geek, but regardless of that fact, I don’t understand why the Tonys aren’t celebrated more or why the show doesn’t draw bigger numbers. As award shows go, it’s the theater folks who know how to get it right, and last night was proof. Here are just a few quick reasons why last night’s extravaganzas were so much fun, and why you should go to the Tony site and check out the plethora of video clips they have from the show.
It’s Not All About the Clothes: Sure, everyone dresses up , but there is not ad nauseam discussion of who is wearing whom. No, darling, the Tonys prefer to focus on talent with musical numbers and fast-moving comedic bits.
Neil Patrick Harris Knows How to Be a Great Host: Harris was funny, but didn’t hog the limelight or wink at the camera too much to show you how clever he thinks he is being. His bit with the scratch and sniff card of Broadway characters was hysterical. He was just a little bit naughty all evening long without being too bad, and he can sing. So, take that Jon Stewart. Or Hugh Jackman. Oscar, give this boy a call, okay?
It’s All About Timing: Yes, in the theater it’s all about pace, pace, pace, people, so this awards show comes in on time and doesn’t drag for an additional three hours.

Great Acceptance Speeches: Karen Olivo’s acceptance speech for her role as Anita in “West Side Story” made me cry. And the best quote of the evening came from Alice Ripley: “There’s a quote in the Kennedy Center by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and it says, ‘I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.'”
The Tonys Believe in Sharing: One of the best moments is when the three, yes, three, boys who play the lead in Billy Elliott accepted the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical in the funniest acceptance speech of the evening.
The Tonys Celebrate Cheese and Class: The Tonys have a misunderstood rep as high brow, but really, it celebrates cheesy shows like “Shrek: The Musical” as well as a British comedy of manners like “Blithe Spirit.” And where else will you find aging rock stars like Bret Michaels on the same stage as Broadway legend Angela Lansbury? That’s entertainment.
So maybe you’re like me, and you can’t get to New York and see theater as much as you want, but the American Theater Wing is doing a great job of bringing theater right into our homes and showing us the benefits of live theater. So check them out. And be sure and let me know what you love about the Tonys in the comments box below.
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