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madonnaandjesus.jpgAccording to some reports, Madonna is going to marry Jesus (no, not that one)–and may have already done so over the weekend.
In between a fling with A-Rod and an attempt to adopt another child from Malawi, Material Girl Madge has hooked up with Latin hottie, Jesus Luz and some say they are destined to tie the knot–Kabbalah-style anyway.

Luz’s father has been spilling the beans about his son’s relationship with Madonna to the tabloids, confirming rumors that the singer wants to make things permanent with the 22-year-old model in a Kabbalah commitment ceremony very soon. Luz’s father points out the ceremony may not make the couple officially married, but says that the happy duo are already living together and Luz is taking English classes as well as DJing classes in between helping out with Madonna’s three kids.
In the articles I have read covering Madonna’s relationship with her new “manny”, it is not the age difference between the two that is getting the most notice. There are more questions swirling around the timing of this relationship in regards to Madonna’s legal case still pending in Malawi combined with some of her other public antics of late. After all, misbehaving may become an aging pop princess, but it is hardly the stuff that will look favorable in court.
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