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gonewiththewind.jpgHas anyone ever asked you: “What is your #1 favorite movie of all time?” It’s a challenge to choose, isn’t it? Or maybe for you, it’s not. Post yours below if you can think of it.
This week, Turner Classic Movies is celebrating its 15th Birthday by inviting Fan Programmers to choose their favorites and TCM is putting them on the air. I love TCM because there are no commercials, meaning we get full length movies–often in wide-screen format–without the commercials that encumber most of the basic cable movie channels (AMC, TNT, Bravo, USA, etc.).
Monday night’s first Fan Programmer was Theresa Brown of New York, who chose 1940’s “The Letter.” I’d have never watched it otherwise–and am not sure I’d put it in my Top Ten–but it was inspiring to her and an interesting choice nonetheless. After that came Lani Golstab’s choice, “Grand Illusion” from 1937. Peter Bosch, a lover of theatre, then chose “Those Lips, Those Eyes” from 1980.
Tuesday brought more traditional fare, including “Gone With The Wind,” “Singin’ in the Rain” and the lesser known “Angels With Dirty Faces” if you want to stay up late.
More classics come out Wednesday with “Double Indemnity,” “Swing Time,” and “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.”

Thursday will be the night I tune in or set the TiVO. “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” and Frank Capra’s “Meet John Doe” are all in the line-up. “The Maltese Falcon” highlights Friday night’s line-up.
Movies, DVDs, and network television get a lot of ink here at Idol Chatter, and sometimes we overlook what’s great about some of the cable networks. If you’re a movie lover, you may want to check out Turner Classic Movies this week. It’s a great chance to celebrate classics in their entirety and see a few old flicks that’ll be new to you.
And in between films, you can chat with those you know and love about which movie–if you had to boil it down–would be your #1?

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