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Everyone is abuzz every time a new member of the ever-expanding cast for “Twilight” is announced. This time, on Sunday everyone was talking about Michael Sheen, the British actor who got the part of Aro, the head vampire of the Volturi in Italy, the coven Edward Cullen pays a visit to in his despair-induced attempt to rid the world of himself, and allow Bella a “normal life” at the end of “New Moon.” (Ah, sweet Edward!)
I happened to love Michael Sheen in “Frost/Nixon,” which was one of my favorite movies of 2008, but it’s hard to imagine him going from a political thriller in the vein of “All the Presidents Men,” and parts like that of Tony Blair in “The Queen,” to a vampire in “Twilight.”
Regardless, I love how everyone and their mother (and now father, too) is talking about “Twilight,” “Twilight,” “Twilight” all the time. And I have to confess, last week I watched the DVD twice.
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