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I both accept and ignore the insatiable need of some media to scrutinize and criticize celebs like Miley in hopes that they will fall, but I really don’t understand when one celebrity trashes another. No I am not talking about Paris and former BFF Nicole Ritchie or even Lindsay Lohan and her ex, Sam Ronson. I am referring to Oscar winner, musician and comedian Jamie Foxx who bashed Miley Cyrus on his radio show last weekend, calling her the “b” word and suggesting she should “do some heroin.” He also suggested she make a sex tape and consider becoming a lesbian like Lohan.
Foxx has since backtracked on those comments by apologizing to Cyrus on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday and saying he didn’t really mean “any of it” but was just doing his job as a “black Howard Stern.” Foxx even shamelessly brought his own family into his apology pointing out that he has a teenage daughter so he “understands.”

But his lame apology has left me confused. What does he understand? That his apologize doesn’t sound sincere? That if he was Don Imus he would probably be fired by now? That as a father he wouldn’t want anyone to speak about his daughter like that and should have had enough sense to not attack a minor, even if she is a celebrity? Or maybe he just understands that the teen queen’s popularity will probably long outlast his own.
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