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veggitelaesbible.jpgThere are some great books out there to introduce your kids to Christian Bible stories. But how to get your kids to make the leap from books of Bible stories or children’s Bibles to the real thing? You won’t be completely surprised to find out an answer has come from VeggieTales, the maker of antic but seriously biblical videos.

The VeggieTales Bible, published by Zondervan, gives middle-schoolers and younger kids a leg-up by sprinkling Junior Asparagus, Larry the Cucumber, and the French Peas in graphic boxes that spotlight essential quotes and central themes. Each book of both Testaments also starts with a one-page summary outlining where in the history of Israel the book was written, by whom, and why. Like most VT productions, you might even find yourself dipping in and learning a thing or two about the Scriptures yourself.

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