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What do successful actors like Tony Hale and Mindy Sterling do when they’re not busy working on high profile projects like the upcoming “Arrested Development: The Movie” or family comedies like “The Dog Who Saved Christmas”? Well, sometimes they take time out to gain a little indie film cred by starring in short films that make the rounds of various film festivals.Such is the case with “Happy Wednesday,” another creative effort from the writers/producers of the web series ” Jesus People”–which we here at Beliefnet have covered extensively. (And just to be completely honest, one of the writers is a good friend of mine). The film, about an aspiring comic who draws from his real life encounters with a woman while working at a video rental store, played at the SONscreen Film Festival and was popular with audiences. “Happy Wednesday” will make you laugh, make you wince, and maybe make you think a little bit more before you speak.Watch the entire short film below.

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