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As a child, I was pretty obsessed with all things “Little House on the Prairie”– all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and of course the TV show, which explored the life of a Christian family living in Minnesota and starred a spunky young brunette actress named Melissa Gilbert in the role of frontier tomboy Laura Ingalls. Musically, the show did have a very memorable opening theme, featuring the young Laura and her sisters running in a field (see below) and pretending to fly (the end credits, see this clip). But most of the other songs in the TV show were church-centered, which caused some confusion as I hummed along, trying to figure out what “Bringing in the Sheaves” meant. But now frontiering and pioneering will get a new beat, as the musical version of “Little House on the Prairie” launches its national tour in St. Paul, Minnesota, this fall. The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts announced Monday that “Little House” will kick off its 2009-2010 theater season.The show premiered in Minneapolis last summer, and starred all-grown-up “Little House” star Melissa Gilbert playing the role of Ma Ingalls. Performances of the show were sold-out. In the national tour, Gilbert will again play Ma Ingalls. But what will the music be like?Will the old theme song– instrumental for the 1970s series– get new lyrics? What should they be?Little House on the Prairie at

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