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christianbalemarymotherofje.jpgSo Fat Tuesday may be over and fasting has begun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little Ash Wednesday, um, gawk-fest. In honor of today’s Christian holiday, Entertainment Weekly has a Jesus Photo Retrospective of sorts for us in the slideshow: “Acts of God: 12 TV/Movie Jesuses.” They’ve put up stills of bad-boy, bad-mouthing Christian Bale as the Savior, and even Victor Garber (from Godspell).
As it turns out, most movie and TV Jesuses seem to be, well, kinda hot. My fav is definitely Christian Bale (though it’s hard to beat the classic William Defoe one). I’m not sure that we are supposed to be thinking of Jesus as a hottie, but seeing some of these photos, it’s difficult not to go there. Of course, Will Ferrell from “Superstar” as Jesus does not get my pulse racing (at all), but it’s interesting to see this collection and what it says about how Jesus is portrayed on screen. He is generally not only good looking, but serious, has long-ish hair, and most notable of all, perhaps, aside from the hot factor, is that the Jesus stills EW selected are all white.
Which is your favorite? You already know mine!
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