Apparently, Mattel has put out a talking doll that whispers (very quietly) “Islam is the Light”–apparently, this was not one of the intended comments the doll is supposed to make–and moms are up in arms across the country, uniting to protest attempts to invite their kids to join Islam forming a group called MAMA: “Moms Ask Mattel for Accountability.” From the group’s website:”MAMA -is a public education effort by concerned families to protect children from being invited to join Islam, without their parents’ knowledge or permission. Mattel, the largest toy maker in the world, is still selling a toy that says “Islam is the Light” – the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle & Coo Doll, in spite of protests by parents, media and store owners. We ask Mattel to recall the toy immediately during the 2008 Christmas season. If Mattel will not recall the toy, we ask retailers to remove it from store shelves. If retailers keep selling the toy, we ask them attach the MAMA labels to the toy packaging, so parents are not subject to what may be deceptive advertising by omission of materially important information about the toy’s risks. As concerned parents, we have also started this campaign to educate retailers, state and federal government officials, our communities, fellow parents and Mattel itself about the very real threat to the civil liberties of girls under Islamic legal doctrine of Shariah. Shariah treats girls and women with systematic discrimination – with child marriages, polygamy, honor killings, legalized beatings, unequal treatment in courts and inheritance, executions. Shariah forces girls and women into a kind of gender apartheid. Parents have every reason to be concerned about a toy that summons young girls to join Islam by telling them “Islam is the light,” given Shariah law’s discriminatory treatment of girls and women – as well as Shariah’s discrimination toward non-Muslims, Muslim reformers, and Muslims who have left Islam.”Religion Dispatches writer Hussein Rashid weighs in on the doll, the controversy, and MAMA. You can also check out the doll whispering in this video:

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