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Once upon a time in the kingdom of Dor, a terrible accident left the king broken-hearted, the princess pining and the townsfolk despondent. All hope was lost, sunlight disappeared and the land became dreary gray. Until Despereaux Tilling was born…
A brave and chivalrous mouse, Despereaux is simply too big for his small world. Though tiny, wheezy and saddled with comically oversized ears, Despereaux refuses to live a life of weakness and fear, believing he’s destined for great deeds.
When he’s banished from his home for not following the rules, Despereaux begins a noble quest to rescue Pea–a princess who can’t see beyond her distorted worldview.
From the highest turrets of the castle to the depths of Dor’s sewers, friendships are tested as Despereaux and his pal Roscuro embark on a journey that changes the way they look at their world–and themselves–forever.
In this tale of bravery, forgiveness and redemption, one tiny creature teaches a kingdom that what you look like doesn’t equal what you are.
“The Tale of Despereaux” hits theaters December 19.
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