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britbritpic.jpgAs part of a well-calculated comeback, Britney Spears is finally opening up–a little bit anyway–about her wild antics and failed marriage in an MTV documentary that aired last Sunday and will be available on demand at MTVs website starting today.
“Britney: For the Record” doesn’t really answer questions like whether her former entourage, and manager Sam Lutfi, were aiding any addictions or doping her up to get her cash, as has been alleged in many tabloids. She also doesn’t say anything about Daddy Spears being her executor now, or why she hooked up with that sleazy tabloid photographer. She kept her answers positive but vague, focusing on the future and not reliving too many sordid scenes.
She also spoke about the effect dancing has on her mental health:
“People think when you go through something in life you go through therapy, for me art is therapy, because it is like you are expressing yourself in such a spiritual way.”
What was moving was the way Britney talked about her children. In the interview she said, “I see my babies and say … you have to believe in God. How can these two babies be here without there being a God?” Such a display of child-like faith gives some hope that Brit will perhaps continue to return to her Southern Baptist roots and find some peace at last.
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