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The best place to go for your prayers to be answered–especially if you happen to be Christian and/or are down on your luck as of late–is no longer a house of worship. Nope. Apparently, the best place for sending prayers is…the internet. They supposedly still get routed to God, just via some wireless sources, and with a lot of help from people you most likely have never met.
In “If You Post It, They Will Pray,” Allen Salkin writes about how traffic to online prayer sites is up–way up:

“Prayer has found a home on the Web. Sites such as and have recently joined longstanding toll-free telephone services that allow anyone to request, for free, that strangers pray for them. The sites are not all Christian, but most share a belief that if more people pray for something, it has a better chance of happening. The requests for prayers can be seen as a voyeuristic window into what Americans are most concerned with, but they are also a potent sign that as hard as times might get, many people still believe in the kindness of strangers.”

The most popular sites include the following:
Though, not all these sites are believer-friendly. Atheists are making sure to get themselves in the mix, too. “Instead of answering prayers,” writes Kelly, “the atheists point to the Web site The site urges nonbelievers to spread the word by posting links to Godisimaginary on forums, blogs and news groups.”
What do you think? Is it better to pray in a house of worship, among fellow believers, or would you rather send your prayers out via the web? Or do both methods appeal?
Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Beliefnet has its own prayer resources.

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