We all have days where we need strength and/or peace to help us get through a rough time. Here are powerful prayers that will help you do just that. read more »
Let these prayers for God's guidance and wisdom give you direction and strengthen you. read more »
From mending a broken heart, to releasing emotional baggage from past loves, here are powerful prayers for singles. read more »
Good hand-washing can only get us so far - sometimes we need help from a much stronger source. read more »

  • Our most loving God, may you shower your blessings on those of us who suffer from chemical dependency...

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The Four Questions of PassoverThe Four Questions of PassoverThis Passover is not just about what has been lost but what can be gained. And what can be gained is a gr...
Prayer: Making God a HabitPrayer: Making God a HabitIn her new book, Mom Seeks God: Practicing God in the Chaos, author and mother, Julia Roller, talks about...

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