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If you told me that the footage in this new trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is culled from the previous installments in the series, I would have no trouble believing you. Most of the images and bits of dialogue are so generic that a fan could have created the trailer from existing footage, and therefore the trailer tells us little about the upcoming film.

“Once again,” Dumbledore intones, “I must ask too much of you, Harry.” Even Hogwarts’ headmaster sounds bored as he announces that “dark forces are attempting to penetrate these walls.” I guess it must be Tuesday.This is bound to exasperate Potter fans who are already riled up, since the August announcement that the film’s opening was pushed from this November into next July. But two glimmers of hope are at trailer’s end: first, Hermione’s “reprimand of Harry,” and second, when the title card reads: “this year.” If they mean this Gregorian calendar year, that’s good news for the fans; if they mean this academic year ending in June (or worse, the Jewish year, ending in September), fans could still be waiting a while.If you can’t identify what you’re seeing in the trailer, EW’s PopWatch has a breakdown of the moments that prove it’s not previously recorded footage (although again, I’m not convinced).Daniel-Radcliffe at

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