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robpattinsonlittleashes.jpgOkay. I’m not sure if I can recover from seeing photos of everyone’s favorite film vampire Edward Cullen (sigh) as painter Salvador Dali. The actor, Rob Pattinson, wears a little skinny mustache for which the surrealist artist was so famous for having. I did not need to see any of those photos. They may have just ruined the movie version of Edward for me!

Here’s the deal: After the actor, formerly Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter fame, finished working on the movie version of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight,” he filmed a movie called “Little Ashes” about Dali’s life and paintings. “Little Ashes” will be released in 2009.

Check out the photos from the movie if you dare. (Warning: You might not recover your ability to let Pattinson be Edward Cullen after seeing them.)

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