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So the word from the Pew Research Center is that “religious voters appear to be gradually gravitating toward Barack Obama as their pick for president.” While Obama is edging out McCain among the mainline Protestant demographic, apparently, “McCain still holds an advantage over his rival among white evangelical Protestant voters,” says the CNN article about the poll. And while we’re on the subject of Obama, I have to give props to my two Jewish friends who turned their pro-Obama “Hey Sarah Palin” Youtube video into a minor franchise (they are now selling T-Shirts), producing a video which is currently one of the most popular on all of Youtube (!!!). They are approaching two million hits…And back by popular demand, they’ve done it again with another video called “Vote Barack”–this time rewriting the rap lyrics to Young MC’s “Bust A Move.” I have to say, this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. Disclaimer though: there is a bit of swearing! Enjoy…

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