Not since “the Rachel” has a hairstyle been in such demand. Jewish bloggers have been writing about this for weeks. And politics always seems to spawn merchandising. Now the NY Post reports that in the past several weeks, a wig-shop in Brooklyn’s Borough Park (home to many ultra-Orthodox Jews) has sold about 50 “Sarah P.” wigs to its customers.

For 30 years, [Schlomo Klein’s] store has catered to married Orthodox Jewish women, who are required to keep their hair covered. Many do so by wearing the wigs, called sheitels. The Sarah look costs $695, and the side-swept up-do comes in 44 different color combinations, the most popular of which so far is Palin’s brown.

Can the student of popular and political culture interpret this as a (bee)hive of support for Republicans? “Fashion trumps politics,” Klein said. “There’s no political statement.”
That’s Borough Park. But the wigs are also available on the internet, so be sure to look for “the Palin” to pop up in an ultra-Orthodox community near you.
Not an Orthodox woman and still want to show your support for candidates perched atop your head? Don’t wig out. You can always order the Obamica yarmulke or the McCippah kippah, skullcaps that support your choice for President while providing a thin layer of insulation over your political pate.

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