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Just the other day I wrote about the hot trend of kosher cellphones in the ultra-Orthodox communities of Israel, asking if keeping users from potentially questionable secular cellphone technology, such as texting and internet access, was the best way to maintain a person’s faith. Wouldn’t allowing a potential peek at temptation and the resistance to that temptation build a much stronger spiritual being? With this in mind, I introduce Gosplr, a Twitter-like ministry microblogging application.
The purpose of the app is “to provide an effective communication medium for sharing thoughts, ideas, words of encouragement, prayer requests, daily scripture readings/devotionals, and more to friends, staff, ministries, family, and others.” And at a limit of 140 characters, it’s perfect for sharing one verse at a time!
But what’s really interesting about Gospelr is that it is integrated with Twitter which means that there is potential for Gospelrs to be “followed” by folks who may be of differing opinions or may author questionable “tweets” — a message on Twitter — and vice versa.

And that’s what’s so exciting. Human3rror, the developer of Gospelr, wants this creation to become something more than a “Christian Twitter.” Yes, there is an evangelical component to this desire to be “in the world but not of it” and share “the Gospel with those that have already heard the Good News and those who have not,” but they are not afraid to get out there in the potentially tempting fray. And to that I tweet “Amen!”

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