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willsmithpicforic.jpgMy fellow Idol Chatter bloggers and I have written before about how we believe Will Smith doth protest too much that he is not involved in Scientology. I have even questioned Smith’s claims that all religions are basically the same— including Scientology.
Well, Smith is denying his involvement in Scientology yet again–this time to Fox News, in regards to questions about using some of Scientology’s curriculum in the school he and his wife have recently founded. Though Smith denied his involvement in Scientology to the reporter, Smith then admitted the school is using bits and pieces of the controversial lesson plans but not everything , explaining “You can take different parts of things you like and put them all together.”
Certainly that is true to a degree if there is at least some common thread among the parts you are piecing together, but Scientology’s “stuffy technology” educational methods have about as much in common with traditional methods of pedagogy as I have things in common with, I don’t know, overpaid A-list celebrities.
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