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So I have something that I think is pretty cool to share, and even though it’s about my own new novel, “The Possibilities of Sainthood,” I’m sharing it anyway! A new trend that has sprung up among young adult authors is to have a “book trailer” done for your novel. A book trailer is just what it sounds like it is–essentially, it looks and functions something like a movie preview, but it’s for a novel.I’m lucky enough to be part of a group called The Class of 2k8–made up of 27 novelists all with debuts in the year 2008. Every member gets a book trailer (so having a book trailer was kind of an accident for me!), and here is mine–check it out!

The first time I watched this was very surreal. What do you think of it? And about book trailers in general?(I’ll be blogging more about the Class of 2k8 soon–providing a list of all these wonderful debut novels that have spiritual, religious, and/or paranormal themes so watch out for more 2k8…)

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