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With every Rosh Hashanah season comes a surge of short video content designed as electronic greetings for the new year. For instance, last year saw the emergence of Rosh Hashanah Girl, in which singer Michelle Citrin and creative partner William Levin (both close friends of mine) took the “Obama Girl” video concept and altered it in an homage for the Jewish New Year. In honor of the 5769 Election Year, Levin returns with “Phone Atone:”

A goodie from a previous year is Dan Meth’s “Hebrew Crunk” Rosh Hashanah card, which was one of the early entries in the genre. That was followed by Levin’s “Tekiah” and “Head of the Year,” from previous years.And fans of Showtime’s serial killer show “Dexter” are likely as awestruck by the opening credits sequence, which illustrates how violent breakfast really is. But over at Jewish comedy site, they’re translating the opening scene with a distinctly Jewish accent for 5769. And here’s Dessler –a Jewish take on Dexter’s morning routine from Dan S on Vimeo.Whatever your favorite viral video, Idol Chatter wishes our Jewish readers a happy Rosh Hashanah, and hopes for a year of health and happiness for all of us.

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