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Several weeks ago, I posted about Paul Newman’s battle with cancer and the media speculation that he had stopped treatment and would return home to die. Sadly, on Saturday the announcement came that Newman passed away Friday night. The tributes from friends and co-workers are already numerous, and one thing I have noticed as a common thread among all of them is that Newman will be missed not only for who he was, but he will also be remembered for who he wasn’t.He was a sexy, attractive man who did not allow himself to buy in to just being another Hollywood pretty boy. He was successful without letting his movie career define him. He stood up for what was right without turning it into a photo-op. In other words, I think the reason that his death is front page news around the globe is because we are all mourning not only a celebrity, but the loss of decency, kindness, humility, and integrity in pop culture today.One of Newman’s more acclaimed roles was that of a down and out lawyer trying to redeem his career–and his life–in the courtroom drama “The Verdict.” The summation speech from that movie has become iconic and there are perhaps no better words to describe the legacy Newman left all of us. Click on the video below to watch the entire speech.And check back later this week for my review of my favorite Newman movie as my DVD pick for the week. ( Hint: Movie Mom already has a clip of it on her blog!)

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