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sarahpalinpicforic.jpgHell hath no fury like the media scorned. And their all-out attack on the woman who could be the new feminist icon for a new generation of young women needs to stop. Or, there just need to be some other media outlets who find a way to tell the real story. There was a new star on display last evening, and should warrant all the buzz of an Oscar performance, Emmy nod or American Idol show-stopper.
She’s not a rock star. She’s not a TV star. She’s not a movie star. In fact, she’s not even a political star.
She is the un-star. She is a hockey mom.
She is a family woman. She is a working woman.
She has teenage kids. She has a baby with a handicap, and she’s nursing.
She’s a significant leadership reformer. She speaks the truth to power.
She has a daughter who has chosen to keep her baby and marry the father. She’s beloved by Christian conservatives.
She has spent zero dollars campaigning or negotiating to be the Vice-President of our country, and she’s on the ticket, compared to a more famous woman who literally spent millions and leveraged political clout and is not on the ticket.
She has the highest approval rating of any governor in the United States. She is willing to leave that popularity behind to take on a hostile environment in a foreign land.
She’s fashionable. But not glam.

She’s extraordinary. She’s herself.
She’s humble. And, as we saw last night, she knows how to command a grand stage.
I pray that countless young women will be exposed to the life and legacy (so far) of Sarah Palin over the next several weeks. In real time, she is a mid-40’s woman who can make a mark far greater than becoming the first Vice President of the United States. She can be a role model for female strength, grace, leadership, accomplishment, and excellence which I hope will translate through a biased media to a nation full of young women who can be inspired to be stars of their own, though not in the typical sense that’s glorified in our culture.

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