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madonnapicforic.jpgSay what you want about Madonna, but you always know where you stand with her. For instance, whether you’re Hitler or John McCain, it doesn’t really matter to the controversial Madame Madge: if she goes on tour, you’re going in her slide show lead-in to “Like a Prayer.”
In case you’re keeping track, “Like a Prayer” was a controversial video when it first hit the MTV airwaves in 1989 and has remained controversial for nearly twenty years. Featuring vocals from a gospel choir backing up Madonna, the video also showed religious iconography in non-reverential manners, with statues bleeding and then coming to life and kissing she who is named for the mother of Jesus; then crosses were set on fire.

While it’s not clear from the report of the McCain/Hitler visual that Madonna’s really trying to equate McCain with Hitler, she’s clearly saying “hey, Republican party, do not invite me to perform at your Convention.”
Oh, Madonna. Always with the controversy. I guess that’s part of the reason we love you.
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