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clayaikenpicforic.jpgYesterday Perez Hilton’s website revealed the new cover of People magazine in which Clay Aiken at long last tells America the obvious–he’s gay. As of Tuesday, the magazine only confirmed that Clay is on the cover with his newborn son, but said nothing about any revelations about his sexual orientation. However, a rep from the magazine did say that fans should check out their website today to see the cover story, hinting that they may be dropping a major bombshell. Sure enough, this morning, offered an exclusive interview in which Aiken reveals that because of his child he needs to finally tell the truth.

Actually, for anyone who has followed Aiken’s career even a little bit, this announcement is probably a little bit of a yawn, as there have been many hints over the years -including accounts by aGreen Beret who alleged he was hit on by Aiken online, and ultimately had sex with him. Still, it might surprise a few fans, no doubt, because he has so vehemently denied and /or avoided the issue of being gay in the past.
And though he might ruffle the feathers of a few of his more conservative followers because they will not be able to reconcile his claims of Christian faith–which he documented in his memoir from a few years back–with his professed lifestyle choices, I have to applaud his decision to finally be truthful so that he and his child might find some chance at a peaceful existence, and not continue to be hounded by the press.

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