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AnnGillespie90210.jpgWhich ‘90210’ actress, now reprising her role in the new series, gives sermons on Sundays? While many of us might like the story that would result if the answer had been “Shannen Doherty,” the real answer is Ann Gillespie, who played Kelly Taylor’s alcoholic mother. According to TMZ, Gillespie earned a master’s degree in divinity in 2007 and is a priest at Christ Church in Alexandria, VA.
Want to see a clip of Gillespie preaching? We’d be happy to provide one. And then for something completely different, to see Gillespie drinking and showing you how to be a bad mother to both adult Kelly and teenage angst-ridden Silver, tune in to the new 90210, airing Tuesday nights at 8, and then repeating Wednesday nights at 9, on the CW11.
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